Annotation/Bookmark on Pdfs


I realize that sadly DTPO cannot maker searchable text notes that are added to pdfs a la Notes in PDF searchable

However, is there any way to include searchable 'bookmarks ’ in pdfs so that, for those of use who work with non-English script texts (for which no OCR is available) we could bookmark passages with key phrases, so that we can search for them easily? I am imagining something easier and quicker than making RTF notes with page links for each separate entry as there would be in many cases multiple entries on one page.

Any ideas for that? The basic story is, though, we (the DTPO users) really hope for searchable note-annotations on PDFs…!

Thanks again, b

Well there’s a 3 year old thread for that. But noone seems to be interested in implementing basic features like pdf bookmarks or tweaking DT so it opens an pdf at the place you left.

yes! please allow pdfs to open where they were last opened or keep the same ratio when switching between pdfs in panel view.

While this functionality should be in DT, perhaps just opening the PDf in Preview will suffice? I abandoned DTP’s PDF viewer fairly quick. I’ve not found anything the DTP viewer can do that Preview can’t (though I’m by no means an expert with DTP), and lots that Preview can do in addition. It’s not really a fix, but perhaps a decent workaround?

It’s also worth noting that DTP has been displaying Preview highlights quite well for me, though I can certainly understand the desire to do it all in DT w/o opening Preview.