Annotation colours

In the DT preferences we can set the labels for each annotation colour to something meaningful. These labels though don’t seem to get used anywhere though - not in the Annotations list in the inspector (only the colour itself is indicated) nor in exported annotations (via the Summarize highlights command). Unless I am missing something then the labels are completely redundant?

Is there a way to output this information with the highlights? Would be great for instance if our summarized highlights could be grouped by these colours / labels.

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These labels though don’t seem to get used anywhere though

Yes they do - in DEVONthink. People use these in DEVONthink just as they do in the Finder, as a visual indicator at-a-glance.

And no, the highlight names aren’t exported nor can a Summary document be produced with a sort by highlight color. Development would have to assess this. It’s the first request I recall seeing.

The label text content? How / where can it be seen / used?

The label text content?

No. This was not clear from your description. The names are a convenience item for your own identification. Just as in the Finder, they are not used in DEVONthink except as identifiers for things like smart groups and smart rules. The color is the important thing for a label color.

Not sure I could have been any clearer.

Anyway, this type of function is one of the key features (for me) of the app Highlights. If a future DT release could make these labels useful then that would be great.

+1 from me. I use Highlights app for exactly this too.

If DEVONthink could perform this action it would be really great. A chance we could see it?

Sorting the Document > Annotations inspector by type uses the color too.

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That is useful. But it is more to have the label text usable or visible in some way (i mean the label text that we can assign each color in preferences). At least for me :slight_smile:

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Yes. That is what I am looking for too. If I have renamed my colour labels to (for example) values such as Agree, Disagree, Further reading etc then it would be great if these were outputted somehow so that they are usable. e.g. to act as headers in the Annotation summary if we were able to group our annotations by colour / label.

But what happens when you change those label names again?
There would likely be out of date references or a confusion of colors and label names in the documents.
And updating the document text would not be a simple thing given it’s just strings you’re dealing with, not active links to labels.

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You have given us the ability to set labels but we can do nothing with them as it stands. They are completely pointless / redundant.

I (and many others) use an annotation system where different colours mean different things. If we can associate those colours with an appropriate label then that is very useful in the resulting notes (and it is something that we can do in Highlights app).

I should also say that it is a system that is not likely to change but if it did then i would accept the ramifications.

They are completely pointless / redundant

The label names are not pointless. Regardless if they’re shown in the way you’re describing, they are still useful just as the legend on a map is.

A legend on a map is visible and hence of use. This is exactly my point. The ‘legend’ for our colour coding is hidden in DEVONthink.

The legend on a map isn’t always visible. In fact, on digital mapping applications the legend is often hidden under and icon.

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My god. You are incorrigible.

Anyway….if the development team can consider adding this to a future update I’d be happy.

Over and out.

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Apologies if you feel that way. No disrespect was intended. I was just responding to your comment about label means being redundant or pointless, which is not the case for everyone.

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