Annotation notes don't sync from iOS to DT3

I highlighted and annotated a PDF in DTTG, and another in PDF Viewer for iOS, then synced. The highlights are visible in DT3 but the notes are not. They’re not visible if I open the PDF in Preview either.

This was already reported here:

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Actually that’s the opposite problem - that post reported that

It does work the other way around: highlights done in Devonthink to Go on the iPad do synch to Devonthink on my Mac

That’s almost what does NOT work for me - but I get the highlights, but not the notes added to the highlights on iOS.

I looked through the prior posts and didn’t see any that detailed the problem as I experienced it with beta 3.

If you’re referring to issues with Note Annotations, those are known to be problematic in Apple’s PDF Kit. Resolutions to this are under investigation.