Annotations not syncing between macOS and iOS

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PDF text highlighting not syncing between Mac and iOS

I’m getting a repeated error when syncing PDF documents with annotations between my macOS and iOS devices.

For example, I imported a PDF into DevonThink Pro Office (DTPO) on my macOS device and then initiated sync via iCloud.

On my iOS device, I opened the document and added two annotations:

  1. I highlighted some text and added a note.
  2. I added a comment with the Question Mark icon and added a note.

I saved the annotations and initiated sync via iCloud.

I initiated sync on my macOS device and opened the PDF to find that my highlight annotation seems to be missing its note and the comment retains its icon but likewise loses its note.

When I initiate sync and open on my iOS device, the original highlight is gone, replaced with a comment icon that has lost its comment, and the comment with Question Mark icon has been changed to a Post-it icon, though it retains its comment.

Thanks for taking a look into this, @BLUEFROG and team!

Welcome @thelonestardiva

Note Annotations currently can’t be expanded in the same way on macOS. Double-click the PDF to open it in its own window, then choose the Select tool and double-click the note. This shows the contents of the note.

I will file an issue the icon doesn’t survive the sync. Thanks for the report!

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