PDF text highlighting not syncing between Mac and iOS

If I highlight PDF text in iOS (iPad DTTG), then I see it on my iPhone but not Mac (DT Pro current version 2.11.2). Also, if I highlight PDF text on the Mac, I don’t see it on the iOS devices. Ideas?


This is a known issue under investigation. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for the quick answer. BTW, I had purchased the premium features in-app purchase on iOS.

p.s. Could you post to this discussion thread when it’s working again? Thank you.

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Announcements about releases are made on our blog and Twitter account.

For now, I’m exporting to GoodReader app on iOS, highlighting there, exporting (with annotations flattened) back to DTTG. DTTG then reports that the file is updated, and I’m able to see the highlights back at the Mac (after synch).