Any tricks for getting an email into DTTG?

If I need to get an email into DTTG (iOS), I only know how to do it by creating a PDF of the email within the iOS mail app and then saving it in DTTG. Does anyone know of another non-PDF method?

Welcome, @KRP
The only other method would be drag and drop between apps on iOS devices that support full Split Screen. This is not supported on smaller form factor iOS devices.

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Thanks. I use that for other apps, but did not think of it for DTTG. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Check out AltaMail. I have been using that email client for years now as it is the only ios email client that supports Sharing (Open In) the email in an eml format. This is the same format that Apple Mail and Outlook on the Mac will input into DT. The advantage of this method is:
I can find an email in DTTG and then share that with Copy to AltaMail. The eml file will be attached to an email, but you can click on that attachment and see and respond to that email. This is a game changer for me, as I can save eml files within project based DT groups. When I need to respond with a project status, I don’t need to search for that email in the mail client, but can access it right there in DT.

AltaMail is a subscription for $10 a year and I really do not like the subscription model, but in this case it is such an improvement to my workflow it is well worth it. Their support has been fantastic with showing me how to respond to an eml file with that Copy to AltaMail and then opening the attachment.
I configure my swipe action to be Open In and can select DTTG and then which database to import into .

My workflow is to send all reference or actionable emails to DT (whether on ios or Mac). I then process my DT inboxes (usually on the mac to take advantage of the See Also classification for filing) to move the emails to the relevant group(s). Before I move the email I will send it to OmniFocus if it requires me to perform a task and that OF task will have the DT link back to the email. If the email is a request that will involve multiple task aka a project, then I create a DT group with that email and that group becomes an OF project with links that take me between the two. I don’t have that working on ios yet, so I keep the project planning on the mac, but once it is created DTTG works fine for reviewing and updating the project. So even if I process my inbox on the Mac, I can use those same links on either Mac or ios.

Thanks! I will check it out. I appreciate the tip.

Airmail 3 allows you to send email directly to DTTG