Anyone else tried Syncing through a personal Synology?

Only one desktop atm.

There isn’t one notebook that is more valuable than the next to keep on in full sync w/the iPhone. It would be a select note now and again on demand. Example from last year, I was at a closing table for an investment property and there was some type of miscommunication on documents needed to close. How we all got the closing table w/o the docs in advance is beyond me…closer refused to move on w/o a specific doc. I was able to remote into the network and pull the doc…saved the day. This was through a different method and a pain to traverse to obtain document - but if it was part of DT I would have been able to search, hit a button and download …simple.

Yes, shallow sync is the idea. Mind elaborating around the need to set up accessing the sync location off the network? Sync location was actually going to be dead in the heart of the network.

This depends on the equipment. Synology has a method called QuickConnect (though I don’t use it in-house).

QuickConnect, while cool, has been disabled. Have everything running through traditional means…all working well.

Sync, however, is not happening well…close…seeing signs of things close. Have a note or two that managed to sync but problems in general. Some reason other notes in the same spaces are not syncing. Confusing.

In this example, the only database that is NOT on Synology is the desktop (local sync store). Databases from the iPhone show up under Remote, BUT only desktop option appears to IMPORT (not sync) …that highlighted row is what needs to be sync’d, and it is on the Synology in the same spot as everything else (except the desktop local store)… the time stamps are showing as accurate indicating things are all working fine.

Image from Synology shared folder…
all databases show the Inbox and tes port, while mobile also shows the From phone and Test2 which were created from the iPhone…and stored on Synology (not iPhone) is the expectation and that is the path in the settings.

Why are you throwing sync locations at the problem and again, what are the local sync stores for?

And you cannot sync to an item in the Remote section. As noted in the forums and documentation, those are databases that aren’t open on the machine or haven’t been imported to it.

There’s a fairly lengthy description how to use WebDAV to sync to a Synology in the forum. Did you see that?

note that this talk of port forwarding is for access from the public internet, no? Synology WebDav works well, configures easily and simply, sync setup as in the DEVONthink Handbook, and “just works” even in a local network without port forwarding issues. just so other readers of this unusual thread comes across all this.

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Correct :slight_smile:

Yes. I explained port forwarding because I assumed that people who set up a NAS probably want to access it from outside their local network, too. Especially in the context of sync: otherwise, Bonjour would be easier to set up, I guess.

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I’m pleased you provided that article; just wanted to make sure people didn’t avoid using their Synology NAS’s WebDav server for synching and try to use file sharing (not recommended) and come to that conclusion because of a misunderstanding about having to mess with ports if a NAS involved. I know a small detail, but we’ve seen misunderstandings on this already (including here in this thread).

My Synology NAS is not connected to the public internet (to my knowledge!) but I exploit many its features beyond just as a backup.

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In-house we all have a Synology NAS in our locations and they’ve been very reliable, including for syncing via WebDAV (though I don’t know who may be connecting from off-network).

Another reader here hitting this same issue… syncing not happening between iPhone and Desktop w/the store on Synology.

Closest I am getting is (from the desktop) seeing the databases created by the iPhone and only option is as an IMPORT, but not a sync.

If it isn’t too much to ask, able to post photos of the settings redacting sensitive data?

Use the Synology WebDav server and be done with it.

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From your description so far, that is exaclty what you should be seeing.

You can’t sync to a remote database. You have to import it.
This is well documented and discussed.

Did you read the linked post? Did you do what it describes? If not, what did you do? It’s impossible to help you if you do not give enough detail about your setup.

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Yes, followed the instructions and everything seems ok, except, syncing not working in tests (but it worked once or twice so something is close.)

WebDav running fine. Able to access locally and remotely.
iPhone is reading/writing to the database stored on the NAS…timestamps update.
Desktop is NOT opening or syncing w/the mobile database.

DT Settings (Mac desktop)

MacOS showing servers mounted from NAS

DTTG Settings

Like we have been saying, putting the databases on the NAS (instead of using Synology’s WebDAV service for synching) may lead to it not working. Whatever files DEVONthink puts on the WebDAV server are for DEVONthink’s use only.

I fear this is an example of it just not working. Not unexpected.

See recommendations above. Databases local on all devices. Sync via Bonjour, WebDAV, or other method as documented in the DEVONthink Handbook.

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I am learning here as I go…

The database desktop is local on a Mac desktop. Thought one these configurations was using WebDav server for synching.

“Whatever files DEVONthink puts on the WebDAV server are for DEVONthink’s use only.” Is this saying DevonThinkToGo would not be able to read a DEVONthink database?

of course not. it is data for syncing. not for you.

please re-read and follow the instructions in the documentation. i will not repeat all that here.

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Think there is a disconnect. I read the content of the post and not asking to repeat.

Expectation is that the ONE sync file on the NAS is used by both DT and DTTG to sync data back and forth between platforms.

I trashed everything and starting over w/the stores and syncing.
Same deal, where each has a sync store but neither store see’s the other. How is information supposed to sync?