Apple Mail Plug-In - can't see it in Mail

Having been using the Apple Mail plug-in with no issues. Now moving to a new M1 MacBook Air (yes, 1 month before the M2 is out - I have impeccable timing) running Monterey 12.4. Have installed DT 3.8.3 on the new machine, and installed the Apple Mail plug-in (4.0.6) - which DT shows as installed - but I can’t find a button to activate it in Mail’s preferences (I think it should be on the General tab, but it’s not there).

How can I activate it? Thanks!

Does it work after enabling full disk access for DEVONthink and performing the installation once again?

Please excuse me if I’ve mis-read your message or if you’ve already done below, but just to check…did you see “Manage Plug-ins” button on bottom left of General panel of Preferences?

Clicking that button brings up the following:

This is under Monterey…you can disregard the “BigSur” in the DT mail bundle name.

Again, my apologies if I’m off base here.

Thanks for the reply…That’s exactly the button that is not showing up in Mail.

Good question. How do I install the plug-in again? The box is greyed out on the “Install Add-Ins” dialog…

See Manually reinstall Apple Mail Plugin - HowTo? - #3 by ipanini

Found by searching here for “re-install mail plug-in”

Resolved after doing this. Thank you!

Thank you for the assistance! This resolved my issue.