Apple Mail stopped working after upgrading to macOS Ventura

I’m testing on my laptop to make sure the Mail directory is on the bootdrive.

After removing and reinstalling the plugin, I go into preferences to enable the plugin and confirm that it has access to the Mail directories.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

I think I solved the problem. Not only does Mail not like it when it is not on the boot-drive, it doesn’t like it when alternative paths are used. I’ve been using a synthetic mountpoint /map/bones to maintain consistency between my iMac (where my home directory is /Volume/apfs-ext/bones) and my macbook (where my home directory is /Users/bones).

After reverting the macbook to /Users/bones as path, instead of /map/bones, everything worked. Frustratingly, on both machines the Mail application works find with /map/bones. Could it be a hardcoded dependency in the plugin?


iMac:/Volume/apfs-ext/bones : plugin does not work
synthetic /map/bones to iMac:/Volume/apfs-ext/bones : plugin does not work
synthetic /map/bones to macbook:/Users/bones : plugin does not work
macbook:/Users/bones : plugin works

Thanks for the follow-up!
Indeed you are doing something quite out of the ordinary here.

I can’t answer on any possible dependencies in the plugin, but @cgrunenberg would be the person who would know.

The plug-in doesn’t have any dependencies, it “only” needs to be installed, enabled & accepted by Mail.

I have the same problem - the Mail plug in no longer appears in mail preferences on my MBP. Nothing else has changed except the upgrade to Ventura. All DT3 files have always been on my internal hard drive.

I need a fix. I am not capable of sending you all the stuff you asked for above. Just help me.

Thank you

Stan Kramer - long time, 77 year old DT user.

You have two requests for help. Let’s just use this one and ignore your other post.

  1. Title if this post says stopped working after upgrade to macOS Ventura. Did you recently upgrade.

  2. In Menu: DEVONthink → Install Addins → does it show the Apple mail plug-in is installed?

  3. in Apple Mail Menu: Settings → Tab General → bottom left click on Plug-ins, is DEVONThink plug in shown and available?

  4. Have you by chance recently re-booted the machine? A good thing to do periodically. If not done recently, do it now and see if problem goes away.

Per other posts you can find on this forum, there are certain files you can delete via Finder, but we’ll do that later. @bluefrog can step in.

  1. no. but I recently started using DT3 again.
  2. yes
  3. “Plug-Ins” no visible anywhere
  4. of course I have.

has it ever worked since you started using again? If yes, then can you think of what might have changed when you saw the problem?

What version of macOS now in use, and what version of DEVONthink?

There is only one place: In Apple Mail Settings, Bottom left corner of General Tab, a button “Manage Plug-ins”. Button not there, or after you click on button you don’t see DEVONthink Plug-in?

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Also see your other post with suggestion from @cgrunenberg