Are remote images in e-mail retrieved by DT and DTTG?

For privacy reason I disable the retrieval of all remote images in macOS mail. To explain, images on remote servers are used by some organizations and companies to track read status of send e-mail. Some apparently even use it in case of legal dispute about the receipt of an e-mail.

It seems that DEVONthink imports those e-mails without the images, but (edit) DTTG retrieves those blocked images when viewing the message.

Is this correct? Is it possible to stop DTTG to retrieve remote images? The same goes for any HTML, Javascript or other rendering of code sometimes added to e-mail.

edit: it appears DT has an option to block the loading of remote images

In case of DEVONthink on the Mac the default view is based on Quick Look and shouldn’t load remote images. Only the alternate view downloads remote images optionally (see Preferences > Email).

OK, but it appears DTTG does. Correct?

If so, might I do a feature request to disallow loading remote content (images and code) in e-mail?

As a work-around, I have moved my e-mail to a separate database and don’t sync that to DTTG.

Thanks for the response!

The request is definitely noted. :slight_smile:

As I assume you, @cgrunenberg and @eboehnisch are all busy developing a new DTTG, here’s a little nudge to bring into focus my question regarding remote images being loaded in DTTG.

Any idea whether it’s possible to incorporate this feature in the/some new version? (Not asking for a release date :slight_smile: )

To clarify: some (government) organizations or individuals use remote images (might be nothing more than one blank pixel) to proof you received and openend an e-mail. That’s not necessarily very problematic, but it’s not always clear why it’s so important for some to use these.

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I second that!

Is this still expected behavior that Quick Look is not / should not be able to download remote images or is there a way to enable this?

That’s a limitation of Quick Look.

Thanks - understood. Poking around it’s apparently possible to (over)write QuickLook viewers for different formats, but I could understand that’s not in scope right now for DT (although it would be great if .eml preview could be improved, e.g. making links clickable: URLs embedded in emails from Apple Mail archived in DT not clickable? - #19 by mdbraber). Just for posterity link to an example app like Glance which extended Quick Look: GitHub - samuelmeuli/glance: 🔎 All-in-one Quick Look plugin