Assigning collums to folders in list view

I found very brief discussions on this topic but no “official” feature request.
I use custom metadata to sort my research material for things like Author, Year, Journal, etc.
As the custom metadata only applies to the folders I keep my research material in, it would be great if Devonthink gave me the option to remember the columns I enabled for each folder in list view.
Thank you for noticing! :slight_smile:


The request is noted.

Thank you!

I see the problem but I also believe that the solution to link it to the folders leads to unnecessary complicated side effects in terms of manageability.

I suggest instead that you can save sets of columns. I find this perfectly implemented in Total Commander. When I am in a media folder I just need to press a shortcut to change the column set to my media definitions. This would also help independent of the folder content, if you want to quickly access information that you don’t want to have in the default view.


And while you are at it can we please, please, please add custom metadata to the column options in the Web Server? This severely limits use of the web server; I have lots of information which is not accessible that way.

Great suggestion! I find even more practical than the initial idea.

It could also help regarding the layout problems I have with the missing 3 pane view when to many columns are activated. When they would be synced to my MacBook this would be perfekt to be able to quickly access different information (sets) in different layouts and screen sizes.