Autolinking Bookends & DEVONthink records

Hi all,

If anyone here uses both Bookends and DEVONthink and is interested in the scripting possibilities between them, I’ve just posted this over on the Bookends forum:

You can see a description of what the two scripts I’ve produced do. The relevant gists are:

Link all records in group:

Link selected record:

Thought this might be of interest to a few of you!

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Very nice. I hope some people will find them useful.


tell application id “DNtp"

is the suggested method now. Cheers!

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Thanks for the reminder! I’ve updated the scripts to reflect.

Good to see that Bookends 13.2 has moved beyond that raw Apple Event syntax, and now contains a full (and quite rich) Applescript dictionary.

(Which also makes it much easier to use with Javascript for Automation)


@houthakker: Indeed it’s nice to see!

This is amazing Zach. I am going to use your script (I might need some help thought).

I’m going to simplify and update within the next week so that it just indexes the path from Bookends instead of searching for the Bibkey. This should make the script more simple and sturdy. It will also employ Bookends new scripting library. So if you can wait a week to 10 days, I’d recommend it.


Just as a quick follow-up, I’ve simplified the script so that it should work with any file structure or naming convention–or even a complete mess of names. The scripts also now utilize the new Bookends scripting library. See the original links for further details.

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