Automatically Download Files DEVONthink App

I noticed that in the app files aren’t downloaded already when I access them. I have to download them when accessed. Is there a way to set up the app so files and such are downloaded in the background already??

You’d need to set the group, database, or sync location to Download Files: Always. However bear in mind we are tracking a bug where changing the sync location isn’t automatically forcing a sync to download the contents.

Thanks. Is my assumption correct these settings are in the desktop client, as can’t find them in the app.

No. They are specific to DEVONthink To Go.

  • For a sync location: In DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations. tap the Edit link, then tap the sync location. You can change the option there.

  • For databases or groups: open the Info popup in a shallowly synced database, and set the option there.

No; DTTG > Settings > Locations > Edit > Edit (location in question) > Download files Always

In addition each database can then also be set to always download files; in the DTTG main screen long press the name of the database, > Info > Download files Always. I think, however, that setting will automatically be set to Always if the appropriate sync store is also set to Always (see step 1, above).

Edit: ah well, never mind - Jim beat me to it by seconds :stopwatch:

Amazing, thank you!

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How do you do this on the desktop app?

You don’t; the desktop app does not offer the option to shallow sync, and as such always retains a full local copy of the database.

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Some files on the desktop don’t show and just hand a download button. Why is that so?

A screen capture would be useful here.

I’m guessing (but the screen shot will provide more information) these are items added on a second device; that device has informed the Mac you are seeing this phenomenon on that there are new items, but has not yet finished uploading them to the sync store. As such, they are not yet available (i.e. pending).

I would guess that as well but need a clarifying visual. My mind-reading powers aren’t working today :wink:

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Here is a screenshot. When I download it, nothing happens, which is a bit confusing.

  • Are you indexing content?
  • What sync method are you using?

PS: I’m curious what your naming convention is.

Hi Jim,

I am not indexing content, and I’m using iCloud (iCloud Kit).

Am I right in my assumption that the document was not originally imported into DT on the device you are currently seeing the problem on? If so, open DT/DTTG on the device to which the document was originally imported and manually start a sync if it doesn’t happen automatically. Check to see whether the sync completes, or whether an error is reported to the log (a small triangle on the cloud icon in DTTG, or - assuming default settings - lighting up of the warning triangle in DT).

I cannot recall m, though it’s possible. I’ve had several devices over the years as I’ve used DT. Will try this.

I can’t find the downloaded file in any version of DT or DTTG. Does that mean it’s lost and will never download?

To me that would suggest it never reached the current sync store, and the device on which it originated either no longer exists, or the data was deleted from it by reinstalling either the app or iOS. If that is the case, then it is lost. If the file originated on a Mac, and that Mac no longer exists, then the file could/would still be contained in a backup of the device (if such a backup exists).

However: have you verified the sync store?

No, I’ve never verified sync. How does that happen?