Best way to save App Store pages in DEVONthink

I occasionally want to remember apps in DEVONthink and for this I try to store App Store pages in DTP. The result is always dissatisfying:

  • When I save the page as WebArchive, visiting the record in DTP opens either the App Store app (for Mac apps) or iTunes (for iOS apps) - not really what i want.

  • When i save the page as PDF, the images/screenshots in the app store page are empty.

  • Best things so far seems to be to share the app from with in the iOS App store to DTTG. This seems to result in a brief RTF document. This is stable, but gives you not the full page, only the app icon and a link - and it only works for iOS apps.

Any other, better ways? Maybe some automated screenshot workflow? Or an external tool?

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Did you try to print the page to DEVONthink from Safari or to save it in Safari as a web archive (via File > Save As…, not via Clip to DEVONthink)? This seems to work over here.

thanks. Will try “Save as” in Safari, I used the DEVONthink clip extension in Firefox.

No luck. Even in Safari the images don’t show up in the PDF. Attached the PDF produced in Safari (and then imported into DTP).

‎Streaks on the App Store.pdf (865.0 KB)

I just clipped a webarchive from an App Store link in Opera and it works just fine.

It does now (a couple of days later) work for me too. So it must have been some server/CDN issue maybe tied to the region I’m living in (Oceania) .

However I had that a few times in the past so I expect this to happen again, but at least the general support advice "Wait bit and try again" seems to work… :roll_eyes: