Big Sur Icon Style?


I know this is really superficial, but are you planning to change icon to match the Big Sur appearance?

No, there are currently no plans to change the icon.


Excellent! Don’t give in to the squircle!


Independently you like the Big Sur deign, I think app icons should be consistent with the system. Right now, DevonThink it’s the only app I have on my dock without a square icon.

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That should make it stand out and eassy to find :wink:


I’m sure you can stand out with an icon that is consistent…


+1 for the Big Sur icon, unfortunately I think more probably is that another user will make a custom icon for Big Sur than the dev team, the icon is not high on their priority list :stuck_out_tongue:

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…if that is the only problem with big sur :wink:

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I would prefer an icon that fits to the Big Sur User Interface.

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Is there an argument for users to be able to choose a preferred icon?
Some want to keep the current on, some want to move to a squircle (like the current iOS icon I imagine).


There is a community project going for Big Sur icons at

Someone submitted a couple DT icons.

Welcome @KGFarrand

Thanks for the link.

That someone was @lpuerto :wink: Personally, I couldn’t give a hoot about a square icon.

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I agree with this…



Whilst at the moment I don’t think I’m bothered either way (although I prefer the DEVONthink macOS logo to the DEVONthink iOS logo), I think the Firefox logo would look more dynamic than the other two even if it were showcased in a box (as illustrated by the numerous designs on

I strongly dislike the rounded rectangle on Mac app icons. :face_vomiting: :slight_smile:


I’ve reserved “strong dislike” for a small number of people and COVID-19 :crazy_face: (and for what it’s worth I like the DEVONthink macOS icon)


As I keep the dock hidden and access apps using lauchbar I personally do not give a… I doubt anyone uses DT for their aesthetics anyway!


Yeah… It was me, with a bunch of other icon. I encourage anyone with a better design skill than mine to create something better.

I really don’t understand the issue. If you don’t like the new icon style you can do two things:

  • don’t update
  • update and change the icons

What I find “ugly” is not to have consistency. I understand that we just update and this could be not a high priority, but…

By the way. Icons don’t have to be totally squarcircles. There are plenty of examples —automator for mention one— where part of the icon gets out of the squarecircle shape. This make the icon really stand out while at the same time keep the consistency with the others.

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I’m not against your points, in general. I think it’s a terrible UI strategy to ask someone not to update because they don’t like the font, or to ask them to change it themselves.

My point is that I really don’t care what the icon looks like because the app’s functionality is why I use it. Perhaps those with an issue with the current icon should be the one’s to change it themselves, if they so choose.

And anyway, I’m sure the DT team has designers and UI/UX developers for this sort of work :wink:

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