Browser Plugin versions

After the update to 1.6.1 I notice the Firefox Plugin is ver 1.2.3, and the Safari one is 1.2.2, and that Safari still had 1.2.1 as well.

I uninstalled the 1.2.1 and I ran the addons installer again but it was still 1.2.2

Is this correct?


As of today, the most current version of the DEVONthink Safari extension is 1.2.2.

I’ve wondered why Clip to DEVONthink updates in Safari aren’t available through Preferences > Extensions, but this is more bothersome:


I’d really appreciate if conditionally updating each browser extension from Dt’s Install Add-Ons window was smarter (similar to “ABBYY FineReader OCR” and “Global Inbox in Save Dialogs”, making it unnecessary to repeatedly reinstall an extension only because there’s no simple way to determine if it’s unchanged or updated (which happens infrequently enough to be easily missed). Even if this is applicable to other Install Add-Ons items the redundant extension installation is the most tedious for me because I’m compelled by the window appearing after every Dt update (fairly often during beta testing and it requires browsers to be running.

A good start would be to include version numbers in the Install Add-Ons popup – and maybe flag (asterisk) those that are new in this version of DEVONthink

Good question. I expect that if the extension update were to be handled through Safari, as most extensions are, then the second part (‘this is more bothersome’) could/would be resolved as well.

I’d thought about something like that, but maybe it’s unnecessary if defaults for Install Add-Ons Browser checkboxes were simply:

  • Checked (enabled), for uninstalled or installed/out-of-date extensions
  • Unchecked (disabled), for installed/up-to-date extensions

I’m not sure why PDF Services is checked by default, recreating the ~/Library/PDF Services/Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro symlink to the application, if it already exists. Why not like Global Inbox in Save Dialogs (which seems slightly buggy).

Similar conditional logic could apply to DEVONthink Jot 2 Widget and even Scripts items (with lowest priority).

Sigh - now I remember the case when retaining an unchecked state between Install Add-Ons sessions is desirable, e.g. for DEVONthink Sorter Helper. And this related +two-year-old topic: Install-Add-ons…, again [Re: 2.0.8 notes].

Ignoring that for now to finish with …

Install Add-Ons documentation claims:
Options for items already properly installed are disabled and marked as “installed”.

Currently, something like this would be more accurate:
Options for items being tested for proper installation …

Window image is out-of-date; Safari 5 Extension instead of 6 and Contextual Menu Plugin still appears.

This description says:
Global Inbox in Save Dialogs: Inserts DEVONthink Pro Office’s global inbox into the Finder’s sidebar and all “Save As” dialog windows.

Optional could be retitled to Global Inbox in Finder to better match its description, applicable to both its sidebar and save dialogs.

Using Install Add-Ons for initial installation and each browser’s own mechanism for updates seems the most convenient way of handling this, with Browser extensions downloads (why isn’t Safari’s there?) as an alternative for both installation and updates.