Bug ? behaviour of mailto: different with RTF and HTML

If I click on mailto:test@test.com

  • in an HTML item: Mail with automatically open in a new email to test@test.com and I can go on to write my email.
  • in an RTF item, a new email to test@test.com is created in apple mail, but in the background. I have to then leave DT and go to Mail → goto new email window → type email
    Unless there is something that I don’t understand, it would be nice if RTF worked like HTML
    thank you

Re adding a mailto link in RTF, until something changes with the RTF editor a workaround which I think is good would be to make both Apple Mail and DEVONthink shown on your screen in adjacent windows. Then all you have to do is click over to Mail which is not in “background”.

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yes, it can easily be done with keyboard maestro. thank you

Yes, I already mentioned that in another thread:

As far as I know DEVONthink uses the same engine as TextEdit so it’s probably something @cgrunenberg wants to check.

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thank you for the comment

That is correct.


Actually Mail should be only activated if the Shift modifier key is pressed (like in rich text documents), the next release will fix this and make it consistent.

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