Bug Devonthink 3 with Mac OS11 Big Sur?

not sure if that is a bug of Devonthink3 or Bigsur

just recently installed Devonthink 3, but i am sure sharing a PDF with Devonthink was working.
Now I am on BETA Big Sur and realized that i have a problem with sharing a PDF from the Preview.

  • opening of PDF
  • “sharing” => “adding to Devonthink3”
  • short signal tone
  • preview is frozen and does not work anymore

For the German Forum:

  • öffnen einer PDF im Finder oder Mail
  • denn über den Befehl „ Das Dokument Teilen“ => „zu Devonthink3 hinzufügen“
  • ein kurzer Signal Ton ertönt
  • PDF „Vorschau“ reagiert nicht mehr
  • Vorschau kann nicht mehr bedient werden und muss über „sofort beenden“ geschlossen werden

Given that big Sur is beta software, it might well be a bug there. You shouldn’t be using it in a production environment.

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Yes, sharing from most areas/apps in Big Sur to DT3 does not work and behaves as you describe. I’ve not reported it yet as I was assuming it will be picked up once Big Sur is out of beta and I really should not have my production machine running it (but I can’t resist)

Welcome @bernd_71

I’m curious why you’re using the Sharing menu to send a PDF to DEVONthink.

who said that it is a production environment ?

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thats in my opinion the shortest way if i have the PDF already open in preview. I need to open PDFs sometimes to check PDF content before i move it to DT
in other cases I am using scansnap and/or hazel moving it to inbox.

yes, sharing with other apps from Preview is still working ok (One Note, Notes, Mail) , i just have that problem with DT3.
thought is good to share with other…

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  • preview is frozen and does not work anymore

So Preview is stalling, not DEVONthink?

correct, but as every other app works with sharing from Preview and only the DT interface creates a problem i thought it might be an issue coming from DT

Does drag & drop of the window’s document icon to DEVONthink still work?

yes it does

Was anything logged to Windows > Log?