But is there this one DT3-Bookends Script that I need?

There are a lot of scripts offered here for the DT-Bookends connection.

But does a script exist, that imports a paper’s reference from Bookends into the custom metadata in DT3? (pdf per pdf) I would like to use Bookends only for reference collection.

I don’t want to collect pdfs in twice (DT3 and Bookends), but only in DT3, but Bookends is much better for getting the reference in. Indexing is no option for me, either.


Not sure which script you’re looking for but this search should return all scripts for Bookends available on the forum:


I need one script (or what ever would be possible), that imports the research paper´s reference data (title, author, abstract etc.) that are collected with and stored in Bookends to the metadata fields of the corresponding pdf in my DT3 database. (siehe picture).

As I said in the German version of this thread: how are you going to establish the correspondence between a bookmarks and a DT record? If that is clear, copying the metadata should be simple.

Most of the research articles have an DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or PMID (Pubmed-ID).

One of the links in the list cgruenenberg recommended seems to do what I need, but it needs the exiftool to be installed and that DT3 indexes the Bookends database. I have no experience with exiftool and don´t want the indexing part. Is there any other way of doing this? Actually I have no experience with Scripts, but if it’s necessary I would learn it.

I suggest that for the benefits of others we keep the talk in this thread and drop the German version.

So, in my words

  • you have PDF documents in DT
  • these documents have a DOI or PMID in their user metadata
  • also, you have corresponding bibliographical information with the same DOI/PMID in Bookends

Then a script would go over the selected records in DT one by one, take their DOI or PMID (whatever is available), ask Bookends for the metadata for this DOI/PMID value and enter those values in the DT record’s user metadata.

Is that about right? Then I don’t see the need for exiftool.

In case of documents having a DOI the smart rule script to download bibliographical metadata might be useful.

Where do I find this?

Here’s a JavaScript script that might help. It works with the currently selected DT records and should (!) be able to be used in a smart rule after minor modifications.

(() => {
const bookapp = Application("Bookends");
const dtapp = Application("DEVONthink 3");
dtapp.includeStandardAdditions = true;

const records = dtapp.selectedRecords();
records.forEach(r => {
  * Look for DOI in metadata. If not found, look for PMID */
  let id = dtapp.getCustomMetaData({for: "DOI", from: r});
  if (!id || id === null || id === "") {
    id = dtapp.getCustomMetaData({for: "PMID", from: r});
   /* if neither of them are found, skip this record */
  if (!id || id === null || id === "") {
  /* Find corresponding items in BE */
  let items = bookapp.libraryWindows[0].publicationItems.whose({_or: [ 
    {doi: id},
	{pmid: id}]});
  if (items.length < 1) {
    dtapp.displayAlert(`No entries found in Bookends for "${id}"`);
  } else if (items.length > 1){
    dtapp.displayAlert(`More than 1 entra found in Bookends for "${id}"`);    
  /* exactly one matching entry in BE found, make a copy */
  const item = items[0];
  /* Copy metadata from BE to DT */
  dtapp.addCustomMetaData(item.authors(),{for: "Autoren", to: r});
  dtapp.addCustomMetaData(item.abstract(),{for: "Zusammenfassung", to: r});
  /* repeat for all other metadata, might require some mangling for volumes etc. */

Create a smart rule, select “Run Script” in the actions part and then choose this script, I guess.