Can we color the project icon?


I’m very color oriented and I’m wondering if there’s a way to color the project icons (in the sidebar).

If not—would it be possible to include a option for this in the future?


I can’t speak for Development, but the request is noted.

(PS: I’m very visual as well. :slight_smile: )

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Good idea! Another vote for something along these lines, FWIW.

Same here, I’m very much in favor of this and getting the three pane view back.

Custom icons of databases assigned in the Finder are used by the sidebar too.

That’s cool to know. I could work with that.

Although—to be truthful, I’d love to maintain the icon DT3 sets for projects/databases, but with a different color.
:question::bulb:@cgrunenberg: I don’t suppose you can supply a svg version of that little icon, can you? That way I could make a few different color versions and share them here. :slight_smile:

Apologies for being pedantic – but can you please explain this?
Custom icons added/assigned to DBs in Finder – what do you mean by this?

You go to your database file (via Finder) > Get Info. On the top corner left you have an icon. If you change it (dragging to it a .icns file, for instance) that new icon will appear as the icon for that project/database within DT3.

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Ah - thank you. I always did that to the various groups inside the DBs (inside DTPO) – never knew it could be applied to the top level icon as well. Live and learn! :sunglasses:

In the meantime, since I cannot mimic the DT3 database/project icon, I settled with a few color boxes:

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I reverse-engineered an icon that is pretty close to the DT3 database icon.



Actually I managed to find a similar icon in vectorial format, which I could easily colorise. My sidebar with some databases now looks like this:

If any one wants to download the icons I made, the download link is:

Here is a preview of them:

Apple has an official page that explains how to change the icon of files and folders via Finder and using the Get Info:


Thank you! They are very nice…

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@valente and @dansroka
Nice work on this. :slight_smile:


Really should’ve been working on actual work instead… :slight_smile:

Yup, me too. It’s called procrastinating. :wink:

Yeah but I have no plans to even use this icon myself! So, THAT was time well-spent. (Sigh)

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Thank you @valente, these are really nice!

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Sometimes we do things just to prove they can be done… or to prove we’ve still got chops :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have updated the download folder with customised Group icons.

Same download link: