Can we color the project icon?

wow, really nice… feature suggestion for @cgrunenberg > please allow to change this in the database properties in a future DT release :wink:


Re: Group icons, you can do it from inside DT3. Just use the Inspector > Get Info (generic).

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Speaking of coloring group icons: if you set the Labels preference to Classic, and add a label to a group, it is supposed to color the group icon. However, the colors are unpredictable. For example, I have these colors set:


And these four groups should be (in order) labeled: red, green, blue, and yellow:


But that ain’t what I getting.

Yeah, I also tried that and the result was indeed not the one I expected.

That’s why I did the Group Icons. As for the labels, I settled on having them as dots. Less intrusive and indeed true to the chosen colors.

Thanks for the tip, now I can choose icons to put up there.

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The label colors essentially act like they’re in Multiply mode on the underlying icon. @cgrunenberg would have to do something like setting the icon to greyscale and a lower tint, like 10%, or use a white icon to get the full color of the label. However, that would be for him to assess and decide. :slight_smile:


Many thanks for taking the time to create these coloured icons, much appreciated. Is it possible to get the default blue group icon - visible in the inspector - to also show in the sidebar by default, rather than the grey version?

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Only if you customize a new folder icon (as blue) and change it the Inspector. I included a new icon in my collection (same download link: that mimics it.

You can see it here (DT3 Group 0):

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Thank you! I really appreciate this.

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@valente, could I be very cheeky and request a set of inbox icons in the same colours as the group/database ones?! Feel free to say no, of course!


I updated the link with new icons, more organized in terms of colors. I’m also including the inbox ones that you requested. :slight_smile:

As a bonus, I also made a Global Inbox substitute icon to drag to the Dock if someone wants it (I changed mine since I didn’t like the official one).

Oh, and instructions on how to use them. Hopefully, with no mistakes in them.


Again, thank you very much for these, they’re fantastic. I especially like the alternative inbox

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This is super cool! Well done :smiley: I hope these sync to mobile one day :smiley:

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I agree. This is one of the best things I have learnt from these forums.

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I came across this feature by coincidence reviewing one of the youtube videos of devonthink where the guy had all his icons neatly organised. (but did not know I can actually change the higher-level icons of the databases themselves > thanks for sharing this:)
That is what I ended up with after that (best thing - this does work in DTTG as well):

A quick search for mac icons will lead to lots of websites where this can be downloaded.

Label colouring works great as well:

Made a few more versions of the Global Inbox icon. You can download them at the same spot:

For a general view of all:

And one in place (dock):

Hi all, thanks for sharing.
any one know if there is a way to increase icon size in sidebar?
these does not scale with Preferences->General->Appearance->Sidebar Text Size, as one could be expect.

any one know if there is a way to increase icon size in sidebar?

No, this is not possible.

Love these! Thanks so much for sharing.

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This is super! Thanks for all the icons and the instructions.

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