Cannot Import PDF Document at Location: Inbox

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 4.23.01 PM.png

Why is DT behaving like this? Could it be because of confusion by the software? Should I have or does it matter that I have a DT2 & DT-Pro Office Files in the Library?

What do I need to do to solve the error msg? Could this be a result of deleting the INBOX File from the Library and not restarting DT and/or computer?

Please advise.

Bill answered your question in the other thread where you cross-posted this issue

It’s a bad idea to delete folders from the Library. If the forum isn’t helpful with the problem, you might want to contact Support directly

No need to answer but, I reposted because this was a new problem which I thought might be related to the information posted in the previous post.

Considering that I had posted my question as an extension to an existing I didn’t think I was “re-posting”.

I ask for forgiveness and will ask support from Support (which I thought this was an extension of). And lastly, I deleted the file because that was the information given to me here.

Again, SORRY!