Can't get sync to work

Again, I’ll point out the difference between “that’s not true” (aka “you are lying”) and saying “that is not what is happening here”.

I can’t remember (and cannot simulate) whether there is a context menu entry; I think there is; please try a right-click on the Info error message, which I think provides you with the option to show the file causing the trouble. If it is a zero-size file, for example, no automatic repair is possible. Note that if you delete the files causing problems, the verify action will continue to fail so long as the records are in the trash (so you will need to empty the trash once you have finished).

Right mouse button menu is greyed out on all entries.
Sorry for choosing the wrong words, in my world “that’s not true” doesn’t implicate you are lying. It just states that the statement is not correct. As you said, neither my mother tongue nor my smiling mother culture.

That’s fine. I’ll need to get back to you later. I know there are forum entries on how to resolve the errors you are seeing, but I can’t point you to them off the top of my head. I’ll be back at my Mac this afternoon and will try to support you further if nobody else has done so in the meantime.

I posted some links to support on repairing the database in a previous thread - please check to see if they are useful to you.

I need to check some things with you:

  • regarding the log window you posted further up displaying numerous Datenbank-Überprüfung fehlgeschlagen, bitte reparieren Sie die Datenbank: were those log entires created by you selecting File > Verify & Repair Database? Or did they appear “automatically” without your intervention?
  • if you a) deactivate the sync on that database, b) empty the log and c) run File > Verify & Repair Database what is the output in the log window? I would expect you to see a popup which allow you to repair the database:

Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 13.00.06

I would also expect you to be able to make a selection from the context menu in the log as shown below:

That should allow you to determine which files are causing trouble.

If you neither see a popup nor can make any selection from the context menu, then I think you require assistance from somebody else, preferably @BLUEFROG and maybe in the context of a support ticket. I cannot simulate the exact condition you have, so cannot support you any further if my suggestions don’t work; I’m sorry!

Thank you for the help.
I don’t care that much about the “Eingang” Database since it was just a buffer for incoming data before they get processed and stored in the correct database.
But I did as suggested:
4 Inconsistencies:

Repair fails, 4 remaining errors:

Log shows nothing except the generic thing:

As I said, I don’t need further assistance at the moment since this Database is not critical to me.
I just want to highlight one more time that the log window is not the “one stop shop” that solves your problems or gives you detailed explanations what’s going on.

I think it may be necessary to rebuild the database; but I’d wait for further input from DT before proceeding.

It certainly hasn’t been in your case. In most cases it is, so there’s been an element of bad luck, misinterpretation and jumping to conclusions. I do agree that an initial error message in the sync window would have been helpful - I’m reasonably experienced with DT, and I’m not sure I would immediately have cottoned on what the problem was. I’m not sure that the log can be more helpful in your specific case - it’s more like a check engine light in this case, I think - it’s telling you you need input from a professional. The brilliant thing about DT is that you will actually get that input (e.g. by starting a support ticket and referencing this thread) - free of charge.

Assuming that Eingang is your global inbox, I would strongly recommend you do fix it, though - passing data through a database which is damaged would seem to be asking for trouble.

Anyway, I wish you all the best. Look after your data, and I’m sorry this hasn’t been the experience you - or I - were hoping for.

Thank you very much for your patience and input, appreciate that !

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That’s indeed recommended if repairing isn’t possible.

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