Can't log into DSM 7.0 (Synology) (with DEVONthink)


does anyone know the problem of not being able to log into the Synology DSM 7.0 (or Synology Drive Office)? The login page is called up correctly, but after entering the password, there is no login or forwarding. This happens on 2 out of 3 Devonthink installations (all the same version and the same settings). I have already deleted the cache and restarted. Is there a log file, where i can check for log entries?


Did you check whether your local IP is blocked? E.g. using a difference device?

I have DSM 6.x (not yet updated) and when I have that issue, normally is the IP has been blocked, as Christian guess.

If you log via HTTPS, perhaps certificate is not valid anymore (I have one auto-renew from Let’s Encrypt. Not sure if that option is still in DSM 7).

Thanks for the quick answer.

Sorry, but I have described my problem too superficially … I would like to log into the DSM (7.0) with Devonthink (as a browser). This works only on one of three devices with DTPO 3.7.2.

I can log into the DSM on all three devices via Safari or another browser without any problems.

Could this be due to the SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate for my domain, which I use as the address for the DSM?


You could try from Safari but webdav.

(Chante the url to your language if it does not automatically changes):

The certificate is valid.

If the IP is blocked, then the login window shouldn’t be opened either, right?

Not sure.

As far as I remember it won’t be opened.

Ok, thanks. I’ll investigate it and give a feedback on success!

Did you ever get this resolved?

Unfortunately not! Also with macOS Monterey and latest DT Pro!

Do the Safari extensions affect DT web browser?

Can you perhaps describe a bit more detailed what you’re trying to do? Currently I don’t see the relationship between syncing and browsing, nor what you mean with

Is it possible to disable TLS 1.0/1.1 in DT browser and to force that DT browser has to use TLS 1.3 with HTTP 2.0?

The background to my question is that I have noticed that in Safari or other browsers TLS 1.0/1.1 is always deactivated and in all browsers (except DT browser) version TLS 1.3 with HTTP 2.0 is used for handshake. In DT browser, TLS 1.3 with HTTP 1.1 is used for handshake. I don’t know if that is the problem. I just want to rule out that the issue is based on that.

I doubt that there’s any browser or webserver currently in use that doesn’t understand HTTP 1.1. In fact, HTTP 2 can only be activated via an additional module in Apache. OTH, I just downgraded the TLS/SSL requirements on the NAS to see if that changes anything (that is, “lowest” compatibility level in Security/Advanced, which turns on everything from TLS 1.0 through TLS 1.3. No change in the logon behavior in DT, though.

Edit This has in fact nothing at all to do with the S in HTTPS: I turned off the “automatically redirect all HTTP connections to HTTPS” in the NAS and got the exact same behavior. Interestingly, the NAS always sends HTTP 200 codes, so no error happening on that side. The problem seems (!) to arise on the client side (i.e. inside the WebView used in DT). The NAS relies heavily on JavaScript on the client side, it seems, and there might be some imcompatibility arising …

Do further narrow down the problem, one could capture a HTTP logon session (using Wireshark) from a real browser and from inside DT and then compare those capture files.

OTH, why do you want to connect to the NAS from within DT?

I also already tried it with downgrading the security requirements, but it doesn’t help.

The web server log file does not contain any special entries.

I have just successfully logged in on a newly installed MacOS. That means, it must be due to some configuration on the other Macs. Perhaps during the rest of the installation I will find the appropriate setting that prevents logging in… I will report…

In DT? Or in a browser? I amended my last posting to clarify that I couldn’t log in from DT either with HTTP or with HTTPS. From a Mac in a browser though, I have no problem whatsoever.


It’s actually more about the login to Synology Drive Office (in order to edit shared tables and documents). There’s the same login problem…

So if I understand you correctly, you can login from one machine in DT and browser but not on any other? Whereas I can login in the browser but not in DT.

Also, the Synology log does not reveal any unsuccessfull login attempt at all from my devices. So I guess the login never really gets through to the NAS but is just kind of thwarted inside DT (or rather its WebView).

That’s of course your call, but maybe you could just mount the stuff SMB? Or maybe not, because only Synology knows how to work with these files? Which in my mind would make it advisable to use a more open format, but again – your call.

We always have to work with several people on many tables, so Synology Drive Office is the only solution to comply with German data protection law (and the cheapest way to do so)…