Can't save to PDF anymore

Started using DTP3 this past year. Saving web articles as PDF worked beautifully. In the past month I can no longer save to PDF. Everything gets saved to webloc. Even trying to convert the webloc to pdf withing DTP just results in a another webloc being created.

I didn’t change anything that I’m aware. I have well over a terabyte available of space on my SSD.

version 3.5.2
macOS 10.15.7

If the clipping extension encounters an error a bookmark is captured as a fallback. If it’s consistently capturing bookmarks from other dots as well, reboot your machine.

PS: We advocate rebooting devices at least once a week, just as a general good habit.

Thanks for that info. Rebooting fixed my issue. I will definitely reboot more often.

You’re very welcome.