Can't Upload Pending Files?

I’m trying to get set up to sync between my DTPO instance on my main mac, my DTTG 2.0 instance on my iPhone, my DTTG 1 instance on my iPad. I’ve create a local sync store and am trying to get the databases up there but one of them keeps failing and will not upload with the following error PM: OogieMDTSync.dtCloud Can’t upload database due to pending files.

I am not sure where to start top try to fix this. I can’t think of any pending files i have in that database.

Same here - one database refuses to upload to CloudMe and gives the log message “Can’t upload database due to pending files”. Other databases have uploaded to CloudMe without a problem. If I switch the sync store to then that particular database syncs OK.

Did you do a shallow Sync to the mobile device, then try to Sync that database to a remote location, like Dropbox?

um no not as far as I know, this is my first attempt to set up sync with the new version. I have never used sync to any remote location. I’ve only used sync via Bonjour to sync my iOS devices. I was getting set up to do that with the new DTTG.

I cannot get anything to sync in the new DevonThink to go 2. Not one method is working. I get the pending files of doom and on the phone I get NSNetServicesErrorDomain - 72000

I’ve owned and used my domain for 21 years and all is in my “home” location with nothing else changed but the sync methods.

@n28763: Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.


I have the same problems. Is there already a solution?

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Bert van Der Linden

Has this been resolved. I just updated to DTPO 2.9.4 and am getting the same error message when trying to sync

The latest releases check now always before uploading whether there are any pending items (to avoid incomplete sync stores), former releases performed this check only right before the first upload. Just create a global (!) smart group with the conditions “Instance is Pending” and “Instance is not Indexed” to find the items causing this.

I created the Smart Group as described in a previous post. This lists many documents but I don’t know what to do with these documents to fix the “pending documents” error message.

Please start a Support Ticket.

For what it’s worth, I had the same problem. The “Instance is pending” smart group pointed me to a lockfile inside a Curio file. What might be interesting for DEVON developers is that this Curio file wasn’t inside the database, it was an indexed file. Said lockfile wasn’t on disk anymore, since the file had been closed by Curio. But DEVONthink hadn’t noticed and was stubbornly trying to index and upload this nonexistent file and, I think, that’s what was suspending the whole upload — and syncing — process. Once I forced DEVONthink to re-index all indexed items, the upload could proceed without anymore problem.