"Capture PDF" to particular location?

Selecting the “Capture PDF” contextual menu item, when viewing a web page in the DTPO browser, saves my newly-created document to the enclosing folder, or to the Inbox, or even to the root level, depending on circumstances not entirely clear to me. Is there any way to change the contextual menu script to send pdfs to a fixed location, the Inbox for instance? Where are the contextual menu services for DT stored, that I might perhaps try a little tweaking? (Could the destination, in fact, be tweaked?)

Better yet, the current version of the “Clip to DEVONthink” Safari browser extension opens a very nifty popup box that allows me to choose the destination folder, verify the name & originating url, and add notes and tags. Could this dialogue box not be made accessible when saving (as a pdf or in whatever format) from within DT? Its absence diminishes the usefulness of the DT browser . . . . Seems strange the same flexibility isn’t available.

Thanks in advance!

The clipper window would be an enhancement, and you might want to post that suggestion as a standalone in the "Feedback, Requests, and Suggestions" section so that it gets attention about from the capture issue.

On “Capture PDF”. This action, as well as Capture Page (HTML copy), Capture Web Archive, and Capture Page Address (Bookmark) will put the capture in one of two places depending on where the original page is being viewed.

  • Viewing the page in it’s own window: the capture will go to the inbox of the current database.
  • Viewing the page in a pane of 3-pane view, column-view, or split view: the capture will go to the group where the original page resides

Capture PDF and the other “captures” do not normally send things to the Global Inbox. Is it possible that you’ve inadvertently clicked “Add Page to Downloads”? That action would frequently cause the download to go to the Global Inbox. Can you consistently reproduce the case where captures go to the Global Inbox?

The manual and Help is a bit too short winded about all this, and could provide more of an explanation for “capture” behavior.

Thank you for your help, korm - much appreciated.

  1. Forgive me for not being clear: I’ve never had a “captured” document save to the global Inbox, but rather to the current database’s Inbox - and also to the root level of the database (which is most inconvenient). As you describe (thanks - I just verified), when viewing a page in its own window, a captured pdf is placed in the database’s Inbox; and when in 3-pane view it goes into the enclosing folder . . . unless the enclosing folder happens to be a top-level smart group (e.g. unread rss feeds), in which case it goes one more level up, apparently, taking it to the database’s root level. As you suggest, I’ll head over to the Requests page to mention the clipper window – it would solve all placement difficulties, while adding other welcome options.

  2. Do you know where the contextual menu scripts are stored? I’m not at all skilled in scripting, but have sometimes had success making little changes here & there – perhaps there would be a way to designate that newly-captured pdfs should always go the the database’s Inbox. . . . Or maybe I could create a new context menu item with that pathway designated. But I haven’t been able to find where they live - very frustrating!

Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like you’re square with the destination question, and I saw your request in a separate thread.

The code for contextual menues is going to be inside the application package. You might not want to change the code (even if you could) because you’d be on your own for support. But, if you want to get a hand into writing a script you could do so and install your script into DEVONthink’s scripts menu, or your Mac’s global scripts menu, or a utility like Launch Bar.

There is the “Convert URLs to PDF documents” script - I might edit that a bit and give it a keyboard shortcut, though it seems for some reason to output much slower than the contextual menu option.

I guess what I really want is just that nifty HUD dialogue from the Safari extension :wink:

Thanks again for your help.