"Checking for updates" frozen?

I’m running DEVONThink Pro Office 2.8.4 on Yosemite (10.10.3).

Something seems to have changed recently – the DTPO activity window shows “Checking for updates,” as usual, but nothing ensues (i.e., no updates ever happen). The progress bar remains completely empty, as if it never even gets started, or makes a connection to the update servers. The program still works (I can do whatever I want with my databases), but the update window is not making progress. How major a problem is this? Presumably it means DTPO won’t know when a new version arrives – which obviously wouldn’t be good.

What should I do to “flush” the system (as I’m thinking of it) and get the updater working correctly?


2.8.4 is the current version. The updater won’t suggest something newer. (Yet.)

You can always validate the currency of your installed software here.

Or read this thread for more info.

Thanks. Yes, I know it won’t do anything yet, in the sense of downloading something, because I have the latest version already. However, in the past the activity window showing “Checking for Updates” would disappear after a few seconds, once it had checked to see whether there was a new version. That’s what I recall, at least. Is that not right – will the “Checking for Updates” line remain always visible, with an empty progress bar?

It shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, it does. I also just confirmed that something is awry by going to Preferences - Update - Check Now. Nothing happens: the “Last Check” information does not update.

So clearly, or so it seems to me, the updater is not working.

What should I do? Thanks.