Clicking and following an item link within a sheet; possible

After pasting an item link into a sheet, I seem to be unable to click and follow it to the file within DT3. The default behavior seems to only allow me to edit the text. Is it possible to use it as an actual link? My purpose here is akin to creating a table of contents, but doing it one item at a time, and placing a description in an adjacent column.

This requires Command-clicking in sheets.

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This doesn’t work for me, and I can’t see what I could be missing. Is there a requirement about what kind of document it is, or where it is stored?

Literally nothing happens when I command-click on the item link. Right-clicking, option-clicking, screaming and clicking…nothing. I can replace the item link, but not follow it.

Welcome @subrandom
Make sure you don’t select the cell. Just Command-click it.

Thanks, but unfortunately that’s still a no-go for me. The record/row just turns blue, the linked document will not open.

Perhaps related: If I normally click the cell, I get the selector to find and choose the item I want to link, it shows None at the top, but selecting None does not clear the field. So it seems as though for me, this field is not working correctly. It can neither be cleared nor opened, but it will let me select an item and display its name.

That’s an Item Link field not a URL field.

Development will have to investigate this.

Next beta will improve this.

Cool, thanks.

I use a lot of tables in Evernote and Notion. Recreating the way I use those is essential to being able to use DT3.