Clipping newspaper articles to DT and automatically OCR them

I read several newspapers online and clip interesting articles. It would be nice if after cropping them I could send it to an action that OCRs it and send it to a DT folder. Any suggestions how to do this?

Since I have DT on my Mac, too, would it be better just to collect the snippets on the iPad and letting the Mac doing the work afterwards?

Thank you!

What’s your clipping process, and saved format for the articles?

An OCR action for Shortcuts isn’t available.

That’s certainly an option by setting up a smart rule. You could also manually OCR your clippings in DTTG by long pressing it, choose Convert… and then To Searchable PDF

Pressing the screenshot buttons, crop it and send it to DT as a PNG.

Wouldn’t it be easier to copy and paste the content? No OCR necessary than.

More often than not these are bitmaps of the newspaper pages. No chance to copy the content directly.