CloudKit sync "CKErrorDomain 15"

Keep getting “Request failed with http status code 500 CKErrorDomain 15” while syncing with CloudKit encrypted, has anyone run into the same problem?

People are running into CloudKit problems all the time. 500 is “server error”, so something on Apple’s side. Again.

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I have the same problem at last two weeks,and it isnot stop until now!

What did Apple say when you (hopefully) asked them? :wink:

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I don’t ask them :grinning:

I constantly get the message "Request failed with http
CKErrorDomain 15 status code 500»

and no synchronisation.

What can be done about it? Wait until Apple has solved its problem? Or switch to Dropbox as soon as possible?

An http 500 error is a server error, not a DEVONthink or a sync issue. It is typically temporary.

That being said, I would ask if you ​need ​to use a remote sync option like CloudKit. There is a forum post discussing the options and considerations of the available sync methods.: Sync Types Explained​
If you do need a remote option, CloudKit has not been very reliable for many people ​(including developers) ​for several months.​ You may want to consider an alternative.


I wouldn’t hold my breath


Thanks, Jim, I’ve already got one foot on the diving board towards Dropbox.

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Thanks for posting an honest observation and helping us determine the best way to handle this issue. I’ve been experiencing the request failed status code 500 off an on for the last few days, but wanted to know what was the root cause.

I’ve got a few other options I can leverage for sync but nothing as easy as iCloud to my iPad or iPhone clients… annoying for sure but glad it’s not DT’s fault.


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Dropbox pretty easy and just works. Bonjour for use in local network is very fast and reliable. And there is ability to use WebDav on a third party service or host your own on a NAS.

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Welcome @JasonTh and thanks for the patient words.

And as @rmschne mentioned, we are big advocates of a Bonjour sync on your local network. :slight_smile:

I’ve just started getting this error today. Persists after quit and reloading DT. I guess I’ll see if it persists. If yes, I suppose I will go back to Dropbox.