CloudKit sync failing

Having problems with CloudKit sync. Two databases, around 5Gb in size each. Following upgrade to 3.6.2, I changed sync to CouldKit. First database worked just fine, however with the second sync stops constantly. There is an error message in the log file, attached.

iCloud Legacy works just fine including syncing with DevonThink Go 3.0.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 18.32.04 Connection speed is 50/20 MB/s

I also have this problem. Looks like DT pauses when getting this error, and it continues to sync after a certain amount of time, but this causes completing initial sync to take ages.

How many items/bytes contain the databases to be uploaded? You could try to reduce the number of connections (see Preferences > Sync).

@petero and @melik:
This is already being discussed in another thread in the forums. In the future, please make sure to search or look at the latest articles before starting new topics. That way we can better keep related responses in as few places as possible.


@BLUEFROG Hi - can you share the link? …I didn’t see the other thread either.


This is the thread with the lion’s share of the discussion…

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iCloudKit not working, I had to use iCloud(legacy) enable if I want the data in my iPad. I don’t know if it is a problem of apple or it is an application issue.

What exactly didn’t work?