Internal Server Error 500 on iOS, MacOS, iPadOS, but not with MacOS Finder

Hi, I do have an issue with the sync to/from
Sync returns with Internal Server Error 500 … however, if I use webdav in Finder I can access all the files and copy it from the sync store to my local hard drive,

Any ideas how to find the cause for this issue?
Thank you, Volker

Currently the same here; this has been going on all day and will likely be self-resolving given some time. I’ve found CloudMe to be generally reliable, with occasional errors of this kind which have always been self-resolving, usually within a small number of hours.

This is not a sync issue.
A 500 series error is a server error saying there is some issue with the remote server. We have no control over remote servers and their behavior.

You say that, but… :crazy_face:

Life would be easier for us if we did… in some ways :thinking: :slight_smile: