Internal Server Error 500 on iOS, MacOS, iPadOS, but not with MacOS Finder

Hi, I do have an issue with the sync to/from
Sync returns with Internal Server Error 500 … however, if I use webdav in Finder I can access all the files and copy it from the sync store to my local hard drive,

Any ideas how to find the cause for this issue?
Thank you, Volker

Currently the same here; this has been going on all day and will likely be self-resolving given some time. I’ve found CloudMe to be generally reliable, with occasional errors of this kind which have always been self-resolving, usually within a small number of hours.

This is not a sync issue.
A 500 series error is a server error saying there is some issue with the remote server. We have no control over remote servers and their behavior.

You say that, but… :crazy_face:

Life would be easier for us if we did… in some ways :thinking: :slight_smile:

Hi guys, Thank you for your responses and sorry for my late answer.
I know that this could happen from time to time. However, usually it is sporadic and works on 3 of four devices without problem.

Last time it happened on four devices and took more than 24 hours to disappear.

I know that this is a provider issue and not a DT issue. However, since I was able to access the data from other tools, I was wondering whether DT does something special which causes the error.

So I would wish to have a helper tool that can be used to simulate a sync beyond DT to reproduce the error and get a log what’s happening until the error occurs.

I think this would really be helpful to narrow this and other problems.
What do you think?


500 is a HTTP error. So the HTTP server had problems. If you access data on the same host with a different protocol (like FTP, SMB, whatever), this might not give an error because the protocol is handled by a different piece of software. Apples, oranges…

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Also, there could be a different entry point for third-party applications, e.g., an API. If such an option was misbehaving, it wouldn’t necessarily affect the operation of the service’s main access.

I’ve had a weekend of Cloudme server errors just now (Internal Server Error 500). It happened some weeks ago too, again on a Friday for some reason. I’m very much aware this isn’t an issue for DT support, but wonder if DT friends have advice.

Do any Cloudme users have a way to contact support at the Cloudme end? They make it difficult to find out how to contact them on the website (I’m not a FB user and their last post there seems to date to 2018; I don’t think that Twitter is a reliable way to get tech support for paying customers!). The website forum last saw a post in 2016. How do we talk to them?

In the past I’ve just sat around waiting for this to resolve itself but my patience is starting to wear thinner.

Thanks folks!

I can at least confirm the same problem here; it will be self-resolving as it always has been in the past, I guess. I wasn’t aware until now that CM provided so little information about themselves on their website. One could be excused for assuming the last person in the PR department deceased in 2018.

Other than a postal address I have no contact details for CM; it doesn’t look to me like they particularly want to be contacted. By that logic it probably isn’t worth trying either. If your patience wears thin enough, change to a different provider and vote with your money, I’d say.


You could try…


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Thanks, I took a quick look at that forum and it felt deserted. But then you’ve spoilt us all here. I’ll try my luck contacting support there in case the problems persist.

Let us know if anyone answers the phone so to speak :wink:

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Cheers. I’m happy to vote with my feet but I was one of the unlucky people with unexplained syncing issues via Dropbox (great support from DT never resolved the issue for some reason). So all my Datababases sync without hitch via DB with the exception of my 45GB workhorse library which would unexplainably stop syncing without warning. So on advice of this forum I got to CM as an alternative. It’s always reliable unless this particular outage happens, more regular then I like it now.

I’m working my way to a single computing solution once funds allow (new MBP) and hope to get rid of all cloud syncing and rely on Bonjour only between laptop and iPad which will mostly be in the same place. Until then, I’ll cross my fingers that CM will reboot their servers soon.

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Our sync is also down today. The forums seem to have a large number of spam posts, so I think CloudMe is having some problems.

I also quit DB because of sync hanging without indication. CloudMe has even excellent for a few years - except for these increasingly regular “no-sync days”…

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Yes - your experience is mine exactly, it was good while it worked. The outage is lasting longer this time around I feel.

I’ve tried today to leave them a message on the forum but mere mortals can’t, apparently, post anything there. I even logged into my Twitter for the first time in a year but their Twitter feed accepts no messaging. I have to say I’m sorely tempted to leave as soon as I have an alternative since their complete anonymity and non-existent support doesn’t really deserve my monthly subs!

Did you get any resolution on this? Or find a way to contact and get a response from CloudMe tech support?

I’m still seeing this error; Timeout. (NSURLErrorDomain -1001)

Also tried contacting CloudMe but still no response…

Sadly no. I pulled all my syncstores (moves them to Dropbox in the mean time) after about 5 days of no resolution. I’ve not checked back yet to see if they’ve restored service but if you are still experiencing problems, perhaps not. If my Dropbox solution remains stable, I"ll be cancelling my subscription asap. Whatever problems they might be experiencing, the complete inability to contact support means I’m pretty much done with being a customer there!


That is bad news.

We have about 10 remote users all needing to sync on a regular and reliable basis, and I tried for so long with Dropbox and always ended up with issues. Had to “clean” and re-upload so many times it just became a nightmare.

CloudMe was a gift from the gods.

I don’t see many Dropbox sync posts on these forums, so maybe their sync is now much better?

You could also go for WebDAV, perhaps on a private NAS. Several people here have good experiences with this setup, including me.