Collecting and Organizing Relevant Assets Found in DT3 Database

I have set up an incredible database (RSS Articles, Podcast, Textbook, White papers) of sources for my field of study. I have also found efficient ways of searching them. What I’m struggling with is organizing relevant information that I keep finding in my Library.

Example: I’m researching the process of nitrogen flushing packaging and the impact on product shelf life. I have found a few sections or paragraphs or even just small sentences within 400+ page documents. Sometimes it is an interesting chart, graph or image that helps illustrate a point. What is the best way to collect and organize those nuggets of information for use when writing about the topic? I would love to at an easy glance see all of the snippets of relevant information when I’m in my writing flow state. Is that best done within DT3 or are there external asset management programs that can do this better?

Perhaps a workflow I described in another thread can address what you’re trying to do.
It’s a way to (sort of) tag specific sections in a document and these quasi-tags are indeed searchable.

General Description: In document tags - #10 by AW2307
Screenshots & Steps: In document tags - #14 by AW2307


There is no one best way. The beauty of DT3 is there are so many ways to do it depending on your preference and the nature of your work.

Personally when I have a situation such as that I great a Group or Subgroup and I replicate all the relevant items into that new group.

You could accomplish something similar by tagging each of the items - then view them as a Tag Group or as a smart group based on a search for that tag

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I use tags to link records by subject

For the 400+ page document, I’d create a group for my notes
The notes include links back to the document
I copy/paste from the original document; sentences, images, …

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You might want to investigate Scrivener. Designed as a tool for authors, it also works well for organizing all the references you have collected.

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