Color-code groups

I would like to be able to color-code groups (currently blue by default) similar as folders in Google Drive. This would help to easily see important folders

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You can add a label to a group, just as you can a file. However, it would only appear to color the group icon if you used Preferences > General > Appearance > Labels > Classic (Mac OS).

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Thank you. I have changed my settings. Works as intended.

You can also apply custom icons to groups via the Info inspector/popover.

Being able to change the icons is great for enhancing visual cues. I’ve found I can find what I’m looking for much faster after changing the icons for each folder. They look kind of silly when viewed as large icons, but in the sidebar and when they’re shown as a list it makes it easy to find the group.

This sounds great - where are they and how do I apply them to my folders.

There’s a great discussion thread on this which includes some submissions for colored icons from members: Can we color the project icon?

Including how to update the icon (Can we color the project icon?)

I found a lot of my icons from here: I wasn’t looking for all too specific icons, I mostly wanted ones that would differentiate one group from another visually.