Concordance in Devonthink 3.8

I am using the concordance list in DT3.8 and I have three questions:

  • the concordance list shows some words in black, others are greyed out, although the count and analysis seems to be fine. What’s the meaning of greyed out words?

  • in an earlier topic regarding concordance I was reading about a concordance window versus the inspector - I do not find the concordance window in the tools menu: is it still somewhere in DT3.8?

  • the same topic mentioned an update button, which I also do not see. Same question? is still available in DT 3.8?

Thx and all the best

(Questions regarding Concordance (as described in Help))

These words appear only in the selected item(s). The other topics are indeed outdated and not relevant for version 3.x anymore.

I’ll take a look at the documentation. Thanks.

Is it possible to change the font size of the concordance word cloud independently of the other panes?

Also, if I am wanting to automatically relate technical terms between different documents, knowing that DEVONthing doesn’t support special characters and doesn’t support REGEX for search, what is the proper technique to end up with key words being easily linked between documents?

Do I need to prefix my terms with dt instead of #, for example? I was hoping to find some way to use text based tags effectively. Some are acronyms, but I don’t like acronyms and, in any case, the concordance forces a naming convention where it uses Title case for every work without regard to how it was written in the original document. Would be nice if the words would appear as originally written for two reasons : easier to recognize and to identify spelling errors/capitalization errors.

I’m experimenting with using the dt prefix and it is nice in some ways

  • it keeps my terms grouped together in the concordance (if sorted by name vs count)
  • the words are highlighted with a color (I think this indicates spelling error)

Seems to work okay, but wondered if anybody has a better method they are using to easily find common words that would appear anywhere, but when used in a specific context are important (which is why I was tagging them with # before but DT doesn’t recognize this, so those notes have to be updated for this tool).

Did you have a look a the various Wiki linking options in the preferences?

Only the conversion of hashtags to tags uses this syntax, see e.g. Data > Tags or Preferences > Files > Import.

The shown words are based on the index which is case insensitive. Therefore the only display options are lower, UPPER or Title case.

No. I’ll see if I can find the information you are referencing.

I’m importing text documents that I edit with

I am hoping to simply drop in the text documents to DT3 and have the terms cross referenced with the concordance.

The concordance doesn’t matter actually, only the names/aliases of documents are relevant for Wiki linking.

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