Congratulations and Thank you for DTTG3! 🎉

I simply want to congratulate and thank you for the new DTTG3!

I installed it today and my first impression was a much smoother and faster functioning while browsing through the database, also while opening pictures and PDFs.
I’m curious what else we and I will discover in this App.

Kind regards, Johannes


Thank you very much for the generous compliments.
It has been another long race (especially in parallel with DEVONthink 3’s development at times) so we’re happily weary to have such a positive response from so many!


I was all too happy to pay for an upgrade and look forward to the progress that will open up with the subscription model!


Thank you so much for this update :partying_face: - was a true insta-buy for me!

Keep up the great work :smiley:


Also a big thank you and compliments from me. :partying_face: I look forward to discover the new app!

In addition: many thanks for choosing such a fair pricing model. Giving people the choice between a subscription and a purchase is great.

May I suggest to implement a few tipping options, too? I saw it in other apps and would think the DT community might like it. :slight_smile:


I’m in love with dark mode for PDF.


Terrific job. Well worth the wait. Very pleased with the update. Thank you so much


Terrific job! Love it. Finally a real good iPad solution!


Haven’t dug in properly but it looks and seems amazing. Very impressed so far. Hoping of course for smart groups, but I think I can maybe emulate some of the ones I use with the new shortcuts functionality… Oh and wikilinks would be super.

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Hey Jan,
there are preset smart groups existing.
If you go on “edit” in the upper right corner they will appear.
Greetings, Johannes

Just wanted to chime in too and add my thanks to you, @eboehnisch and all the rest of the team for such a great job on DDTG3. Well worth the money even though it wasn’t that long ago that I purchased DDTG2.

For me it was a no brainer to pay to upgrade even before I’d taken a look at the new feature, and I’m very pleased so far with so many of the issues you’ve addressed with this new version, especially the OCR conversion and ability to open files direct in their native apps - In fact this version has successfully addressed a lot of the previously necessary work arounds, which is fantastic.

I see that the sharesheet Devonthink options haven’t changed - Can’t remember what have previously seen on here about the limitations of iOS in this respect, but do you know if it is possible to include either specific Groups as destination locations for files, or perhaps (for a more streamlined UI) just the option to send files to any Groups in the Favourites list? This would be a huge improvement for me now I’m spending more time than ever using my iPad Pro.

Also, I’m delighted that you can now drag and drop files between groups - Is there a way to select multiple files and drag and drop that selection? [Edit: ignore that - just discovered that you need to swipe with two fingers so you can then select multiple items👍]

Thanks again :clap::clap::clap:

Almost forgot: Could someone create a sub-category for all the posts related to DDTG3 within this main category, to make it easier to find the content relating to the new/current version?

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

At the moment it’s not possible to select a specific group in Clip to DEVONthink. However, when you use the standard iOS share sheet you can also share the file to Files and choose DEVONthink To Go as the destination. This lists all groups and subgroups.

Yes, you can select multiple items and drag them, e.g. by selecting one and start dragging, then using a second finger to add items to the drag.


“Purchase upgrade?” Easiest decision I’ve made recently … happy affirmative click.


Cheers Eric - that was a super quick response! Yes, that’s the workaround I’ve been using for some time, but it gets tiresome where you have lots of groups and sub-groups of sub-groups etc, especially as the Files app doesn’t seem to remember from the last time where you saved a file, so you have to re-navigate back through your group structure over and over if you’re putting lots of clipped items into one location.

I had in mind to set up some Shortcuts no we’ve got the new version, so that it can put a shortcut or two in the sharesheet to save files to frequently used groups. If it becomes possible in the future it would be excellent if you could select a favourite group as the file destination from the clip to DDTG3 dialogue box.

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Hi Eric,

Have been playing around with the selection of multiple items and I see how (as you described) you can move multiple items by dragging. What confused me however is that, once multiple items are selected by swiping right with two fingers and then adding a second (or multiple) item (rather than by dragging) the items are all highlighted and have a tick mark - but if you then use any of the menu items (instead of dragging) to move an item to a location, only the first item selected gets moved. Same goes for any of the other commands (duplicate, replicate etc).

Is this working as intended or is it a bug that can be fixed? What I also found is that, unless you’re very careful in the dropping process the files sometimes don’t get moved at all or end up in the parent group of the location you’re aiming for - which is why using the menus to specify a location instead would be easier but this doesn’t work (as above).

Any ideas?

The contextual menu commands only work on one item. The Organize menu can be used with multiple items.

Hmm, I just tried and didn’t manage to do this finger trick :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe you could share a quick video?

Moving only works when you navigate into a new group and move the items a bit, maybe just a few pixels. It seems to be a bug in iOS’s drag-and-drop implementation.

Thanks but I am referring to the custom ones :). The built-in ones are useful but they don’t splice the documents exactly the way I need and rely on the Mac version to do for me. :slight_smile:

Ditto 2. Thanks v much to all. SW

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Hello everyone, I was also very happy about the update, but then came the disillusionment. Especially on the iPad, I am still missing a few things to replace Evernote for good. Unfortunately, the most important thing is handwriting. Why can’t I still create handwritten notes? The next thing for me is to be able to search through them. Notability and GoodNotes do this very well. Is that still planned? I would also pay extra for this feature. The main thing is that it comes :slight_smile: