Connection to server timed out

I use DTPro with To Go my iPhones and iPad and synced to my Macbook. Not updated Mac OS to Catalina but otherwise everything is up to date.

I receive a constant Connection to server timed out. I left my home with my iPad to be attached to my iMac with a Lightning cable to sync, and spent like 8 hours outside. When I returned home I had the error message like 60 times - like this
|19:24:44: mobile@ipad-80.local|Connection to server timed out.|
|19:31:09: mobile@ipad-80.local|Connection to server timed out.|
|19:38:08: mobile@ipad-80.local|Connection to server timed out.|

I do not think that when the two devices are connected with a direct cable I need t restart my router or my computer as I thought that the sync connects the two devices quite directly.

This error message came out many times in the last 2-3 weeks and I had never such a problem when I sync my iMac with my Macbook.

Have no idea what to do but it is very time-consuming and a sync should be working perfectly.

Did you enable incoming Bonjour connections on both devices? This is usually not necessary and not recommended and cause such issues. It’s sufficient to enable them on the Mac and to add a Bonjour sync location on iOS.

Bonjour was on for my iMac but off for my iPad. I witched off Bonjour on my iMac and now my local network offline meaning no sync…

Are the databases on the iPad up-to-date? A timeout is not necessarily a real issue as the next sync will resume the previous one.

I guess they are not as I divided my previous database into two small ones, had the same problems and I deleted one of the databases from my iPad and then I tried to sync the new database. You wrote that a timeout is not an issue but it stops the procedure, takes time to continue and to me it is just an endless headache to check what is done and still after weeks of trying I do not know where I stand. How would I know whether the sync has been properly done and finished?

An additional sync attempt should be quite fast if everything has been already synchronized.

I attempted to have a sync but again it stopped every five minutes with the error message. So in essence I am unable to verify if the sync is perfect or not… What are my other choices as where I stand with syncing of course not really acceptable

I would appreciate a suggestion of what should I do and I really hope that it is not to sync my iPad fully again…

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.