Context menu - New from template - can we add v2 items? (Annotation)

Other than the thread about context menus being too crowded, I could not easily find a pointer to this.

The contextual menu > new item from template > Annotation (and others like Note, Phone Note, Project, Task List, Web Browser) seem to have been removed in v3.

Is there:

  • an easy way to port these over from v2 to v3? import / export?
  • assuming one can create their own template, where to find information or examples on how to do that?

Thanks a lot for helping out!

Most templates are still there, see e.g. Productivity submenu. The Annotations template is obsolete, the Annotations & Reminders inspector is recommended instead and more powerful. And the web browser template was more or less useless and nobody missed it so far, use Scripts > Tabs > Open Location… instead.

Ah, Christian, thanks for pointing out.
I must admit I’ve not had time to investigate in the differences / improvements in V3. I’m taking a “depends on machine I’m working on” attitude.

I notice that some kind of flower like icon becomes visible when a notation is added.
Can we influence this somehow? (the v2 annotation stands out more / as a separate item)

Thanks for helping out!

This can’t be changed but the annotation is still a separate document.