Control playback speed of audio files in DT3 with a script?

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I use DT3 for minor transcription tasks, keeping the interview audios in a dedicated database with the transcription text in the comments pane of the audio documents. This gives me the great opportunity to listen to the audio and copy frame links (backlinks) in to the comments pane between the lines of chunks of text that I would like to use later on in my audio documentaries. While I can control playback in the embedded quicktime player with the mouse (double, halftime, even 1,1-1,5) I would like to control the playback with a key command. I have found a script that does what I need, but so far it only works for the Quicktime app. Is there any way to tweak the script so it works for DT3? I copied the script, that I found on an Apple discussion board, below.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

tell application "QuickTime Player"
tell document 1
if not playing then
if the rate is not 0.75 then
set rate to 0.75
end if
else if playing then
set current time to current time - 5 -- rewinds 5 seconds
end if
end tell
end tell

Thanks to user Roote:

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No, this cannot be done as there are no such commands available in DEVONthink’s AppleScript dictionary.

Thanks Jim, I suspected this was the case, as I didn‘t find any of the terms used to control QuickTime from a script in the DT3 library.

Would it make sense for me to write up a feature request for this functionality?

You’re welcome.
It’s noted as a request here, with no promises, of course.

Well, Thanks again. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, then.