Convert to PDF and then OCR with smart rules

I tried all the ways but I couldn’t. The first smart rule works that converts images to PDF. But the second rule with the OCR is not launched automatically.



I’m wondering whether the answer lies in this thread.


When exactly should the second smart rule be performed? The “On Creation” event is only triggered by Data > New.

Immediately after the first rule. In practice I want:
Import image > Convert to PDF > OCR

At the moment I found an intermediate solution with triggered OCR hourly. But I didn’t understand how to do it immediately after the image is converted to PDF.

Scripts and smart rules don’t trigger other smart rules (this could be endless or cause unexpected results). Using OCR > Apply in the first rule and removing the Delete action should actually sufficient to get the expected result.

If I remove the delete action I’m then obliged to delete the previous file manually. I basically haven’t solved anything.

The OCR > Apply action converts the image to a searchable PDF, it doesn’t create a new item like the “to searchable PDF” action.

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