Convert URL to markdown produces an EPUB

There are quite a few topics on Convert to Markdown. But I have been doing DT tutorials via and I can’t replicate a move the person did in 2019. I don’t get a “Markdown” file type. I get an EPUB with epub icon. Now, I am new to markdowns so maybe there is something that it is doing in the editable panel that I am missing.

Conversions to Markdown on Chrome or Safari end up as eBooks. Sometimes I get the Flash Plugin error. I did reinstall my flash plug-in and enabled both ppapi and npapi in system preferences. I also checked out this lead

This is a screencast of my problem

DEVONthink doesn’t support converting to ebooks actually. What’s the extension of the file and what’s its kind in the Finder?

  1. I’m not sure which URL you used. I tried with, using the DT add-on for Firefox. Having selected markdown, it was saved as markdown.

  2. Get rid of Flash. It is dead and has been since a very long time already. It was always a heap of crappy code, and Adobe is no longer supporting or developing it. It is strongly suggested do deinstall the plug-ins, because they’re security hazards. The post you were quoting is six years old.

  3. The crashes you experienced with the flash plugin are from opening webarchives. This format is deprecated, Apple will not support it any more. You should go definitely go for markdown or PDF. Also, because they do not include “active content” like flash :wink: