Crazy suggestion: accept links in search boxes

It may sound a bit crazy, but I think that it would be useful if search interfaces (Search, Move, Go to Group, Copy to, etc) also accepted links.
thank you

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Yes, that sounds very crazy :stuck_out_tongue::wink:

So are you suggesting being able to paste a link into say the Move To popover?


yes. thank you

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
No promises but the request is noted. It’s definitely the first I can recall.

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I’m really tired, so please bear with me…

Why? Could you give me an example of a work flow?

I’m reasonably technically ignorant at this level; I appear to have filed “parsing links” in the “possible risky behaviour” section of my brain. I seem to have come across unsafe parsing (executing code etc.) as an explanation for how unauthorised access to something was gained a few times too often. That is a 100-percent weasel statement, of course. I think I’m saying “just be careful” or something :see_no_evil:


Mumbles something about log4j


two highly sophisticated forum members @BLUEFROG and @Blanc have strong reservations about my suggestion, so I am probably wrong.

That being said, my reasoning is the following

  • with a link, I get direct / instantaneous access to a unique group or subgroup if I want to go to, copy to or move to. I can combine a name search in typinator with the link as expansion to quickly insert the link to group or subgroup in question.
  • the root of my issue is the following. When I go to, move to, copy to, I would like the search to generate one or at least a short list of groups / subgroups which contains the search word or string which is exactly what a similar search in typinator would yield. With DevonThink, for some reason, I often end up with a very long list of results many of which are completely irrelevant, and I often end up having to search through a long list of results to find the target group.

@Blanc - sorry, I don’t understand how my DevonThink Item Links are a security issue if they fall in the hands of an outsider.

Dear @rufus123, no. I may be a vocal user of this forum, but that doesn’t make my opinions or reservations more or less important than yours, or any other users’. I would be saddened if DEVONtech placed more weight on my suggestions than on anybody else’s. Doing so would destroy an enormous base of knowledge and input. Different uses, workflows and preferences require different options; it is very much for DT to decide what is practicable, safe and useful to a range of users. Please do not stop making suggestions.

Thank you for explaining your workflow; I feel that’s always especially helpful when a new feature is to be considered.

My concern was not that your DT item links might fall into the wrong hands. It was along rather more general lines, something like “if an app cannot parse links, then nobody can make it parse a malicious link; if an app can parse links, that’s one step towards being able to gain malicious access”. That’s a Swiss cheese model approach to security - the more levels you have, the less likely security will ever be compromised. Again, my knowledge more or less ends there; the horse may already be ranging freely, because DT has a browser integrated and can be controlled by script. It even has full disk access. All I was saying was “ok, this may not be quite a easy/innocent to implement as it might appear at first glance”; then again, it might well be. I’m sure it’s perfectly possible to mitigate any associated concerns.

I wish I better understood how all this stuff works. In my next life…


thanks for a very interesting comment.

how do you call in DevonThink lingo the search interface that appears when you click go to, move to, copy to etc. I would like to use the correct term. thank you

From page 110 of the the user guide (also available through the in-app Help):

Move to: This popover allows you to organize selected files quickly. Open this popover via Data > Move To or pressing ⌃⌘M.

Go to Document: This popover allows you to quickly navigate to a specific file. Open this popover via Go > To Document or ⌃⌘O.



thank you. Are you familiar with apple scripting for DevonThink ? Are you comfortable reading/editing scripts ?

I would by no means offer myself as an AppleScript expert. There are others here very much more competent than I am.


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I hope none of this discussion dissuades you from making future suggestions. It’s a definite No if you don’t ask :slight_smile:

What’s your question regarding scripts?

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Well, you didn’t reply to my initial question which perhaps irritated you. If it’s the case, all OK.

I am working on a alternative way to move items in DevonThink using typinator in addition to DevonThink

My script question concerns the script in the link below.

The script generates a huge list which is a dizzying mishmash of name + links of trash, tags, groups, subgroups and docs.

To implement my typinator strategy I would need to modify the script listing of only Groups and SubGroups names and Links.
If possible, subgoups start with a tab under the group name.
I don’t want to include listing of tabs, documents.

I just can’t figure out what to edit in the script.

thank you

+1 for me! On more than a few occasions I’ve pasted an item link into the search field out of muscle memory, to no avail.

I use Hook, and I frequently invoke the Hook interface for copying application-specific URLs and pasting them into the other documents I work on. So it’s not uncommon for me to end up with DEVONthink URLs in my clipboard. To me, the URL just feels like a link to the document, so I unthinkingly paste it anywhere that I want to link to the document.

Not irritated at all.

using typinator in addition to DevonThink

Using Typinator how?

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Yes, I, too, am interested in this because I’m a devoted user of Typinator but didn’t initially understand the section I’ve quoted from @rufus123. However, I think I have understood now. If I’m correct, part of what @rufus123 wants to see when carrying out a DT search is some sort of hlghlighting (maybe in the sidebar) of the groups that contain the displayed search results—as well as that list of results. That, in any event, is roughly what Typinator does when you search for an expansion.

Edit: Sorry to @rufus123 if I’ve got this completely wrong.


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@rufus123 : Is this the case? If so, where would you expect highlighted items to be found - in the Navigate sidebar?

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I have been struggling to capture the Typinator window but have now done so and post the screenshot in case it’s any help to @rufus123 in explaining what he needs:


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