`create web document from` has problems with redirects

Run this:

	tell application id "DNtp"
		create web document from  "http://picturelife.com"
	end tell

And DEVONthink will just time out, however the URL is just a redirect.

Happens on High Sierra and Mojave.

This might be related to The web clipper somehow eats huge amounts of resources - DEVONthink / Feedback - DEVONtechnologies Community.

Seems to challenge the Webclipper as well. %-\

It’s not an issue of the redirect, the website freezes the WebKit framework. This causes also the insane memory usage. Since 10.15.5 (or 10.15.4?) the WebKit isn’t that reliable anymore unfortunately.

So what can be done?

Unfortunately nothing at the moment, it’s an internal issue of this framework. A future release might kill the background process after the timeout but the creation would still fail.

Alright I exclude documents like this then. - But a safe kill would be good. :smile: