Creating a formatted note

Is this possible in DTTG? I’d like to make a note with formatting so I can move away from Apple Notes.


Yes, it’s possible. Create a text note and choose Formatted Note as the type.

Did not see that - thanks!

Here’s what I’d like to do, and cannot figure out in DTTG:

  1. Take two pictures on my iPhone, of the front and back of a wine bottle.
  2. Write text about the wine.
  3. Have both the pictures and the text together be part of a single (formatted) note.
  4. Be able to edit the note as needed.

I could do this in Evernote (R.I.P.), but cannot figure out how to do this in DTTG. Is it possible?


I think the best approach would be:

  1. Take the photos of the bottle using your camera app of choice.
  2. Open DTTG and begin by creating a new note, enter the title and your desired description.
  3. Save the note as a Formatted Note
  4. Re-enter that note, tap Edit in the top right-hand corner, and long tap in the body of the note to bring up the little contextual menu.
  5. Tap the right-arrow to expose more options.
  6. select the Insert Picture option (which appears as a picture hanging from a nail)
  7. select the desired images from your camera roll

This is a very finicky process. It’s frustrating to have to create the note, then re-enter the note (though the reason is obvious: DTTG doesn’t know what format the file will be until you’ve created it, so it can only offer the options available to the lowest common denominator, which is plain text).
You can also only insert images one at a time. Each time you insert an image it takes you out of edit mode, so you have to tap “edit” again, long-hold, select the “insert image” button, and so on.
Even if the above two were streamlined, it still takes 5 taps to insert a photo, and that’s only after you reach step 5!

Overall the process is cumbersome. Perhaps there’s a better method I’ve overlooked.

If you long press in the Formatted Note, you can add a picture from the popup (the square / picture frame icon). It allows you to choose a shot from your Photos (if allowed access).

Thank you both. This works, even if. It is more involved than Evernote.

Question: on creating the note, a stylized “n” thumbnail is to the left of the title on the list. For my Evernote imports, a thumbnail of the first picture is to the left. Is it possible to have a picture of the the label replace the stylized “n”?

We are looking at some possibilities in adding thumbnails in DTTG2. No decision, but we’re discussing it.