Custom metadata, add new item function

Suggestion re: Custom metadata
In the drop down list for custom metadata/type:set, a selection at the bottom of the list to add to the data set.
i.e. a shortcut to /Preferences/Data//add value dialogue

I think I’ve explained this clearly but I’ve been wrong about that before.

I like that idea, actually :slight_smile: I wonder if it could be added to the wish list for custom metadata set, which already includes “I wish I could deselect a selection in a set”.

Another methodology for my request would be a metadata preference toggle for: permit adding to data set by text entry in the field.
This would be like adding how adding tags works now and I could see how this could get out of hand but, not knowing the intricacies of programming going on in the background, I think it would be best if I just suggest things out of ignorance and the programmers can ignore us as they see fit.

Oh yes, that. I concur. Having some metadata field be essentially a null value and not being able to make other files have the same null value bothers me somehow, it just does. Thank goodness there is a script.

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Thanks for the suggestion, noted.