Customized Inspector pane


in the way I work with my documents, I’d need constant access to their name, path, tags (Info inspector), annotations (Annotations & Reminders inspector) and in-content search (Search inspector).

I find myself having to constantly switch between these inspectors, just to review this information. Is there a way to configure a custom Inspector pane, that can be populated by just those fields that are relevant for my work (even if the individual fields come from different factory inspectors)?

OmniGraffle e.g. has an extremely useful implementation of such a custom configuration. Is that available in DT somehow as well? It might maybe even be helpful to have one “All” inspector (not configurable), but with the ability to collapse non-relevant groups (perfect would be to be able to re-order them vertically, but collapsing would even help in my situation).

Thanks, Christian


That’s not possible currently. One workaround might be to use e.g. the Search inspector plus the Info popover when necessary.

I too would like the ability to have a customised information/inspector pane, instead of having to switch between the multiple available panes to see the information I want. Is this possible yet?

That’s not possible yet.

Disappointing. I’ve tried a lot of document management apps recently, my favourite being Papers 3 though that is sadly no longer supported (and the new version Readcube Papers is missing many features), and Devonthink looks like it has potential to be the best. Allowing a custom info pane to show the already available custom metadata would make the app better than Papers 3 and similar.

Any updates with this? :smiley:

Nothing to report at this time.

OK. Hopefully this feature can be implemented soon.