Database already in use error

Newbie here again. I’ve seen other forum posts on this, including

However, I admit I don’t understand it.

Just before getting the error DT closed suddenly, and I got an OS error message with request to send the log to Apple. When I open DT I have choice to proceed or cancel. If I proceed, my data isn’t loaded. I don’t know how to access the DT log, which I imagine would show some information.

Thanks in advance for helping me get back up and running.

There is nothing unusual here, except perhaps your crash. That is the warning you will receive if DEVONthink terminates unexpectedly.

After you pressed Proceed, did you open a new window in DEVONthink?

Given your comment, I navigated to File ➔ Open Recent, and selected one of my databases, which were available.

I received a warning message of “Database X seems to be already in use!” I selected “Continue” and it opened. I did this for the rest of the data bases. I closed DT, and then reopened it. All the databases appeared.

So all looks good.

Given the error messages, it was not intuitive to me that the only issue was the crash, so your comment was very helpful.

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: