Database has renamed itself -once again

One of my databases has renamed itself. This happened a couple of weeks . Not sure how it happened. I recovered the database from a Time Machine backup. Now a few weeks later the database has renamed itself to teh wrong name. The new name is the name of one of the files from my database. I sync using CloudKit, Thank you

Welcome @ged968

Are you indexing files from a cloud-synced folder, like Dropbox or iCloud?

yes inside the database there are folders in dropbox which I am indexing in DTP

Have you done any reorganizing or renaming of the files of folders in that Dropbox folder?

Hi Jim
No renaming or reorganisation of the indexed Dropbox files at all- haven’t touched them … although in us a shared Dropbox folder so is possible that the person I am sharing with has moved some of the files. Thank you

by chance is the database also in a Dropbox folder?

No! Database is in my Documents folder in my ‘Home’ folder- along with all my other databases


Ps. I cannot think of any reason for a database (which is a OSX package) to be renamed from anything inside of DEVONthink. Big mystery isn’t it?

Thanks for the info!

Is the filename that was used to rename the database a random file or one that was interacted with recently?

It is the name of an ebook which I haven’t interacted with in a few months!

And the renaming is happening in DEVONthink on the Mac, correct?


This also happen to me today, when I was renaming some pdfs. The database suddenly renamed itself, and most of my files were lost. I’m using Mac and Cloudkit. Is there any way to restore them?


Welcome @xty233

When you were trying to rename PDFs where - in the Finder or in DEVONthink?

and most of my files were lost.

We have no other reports of this as a result of renaming of a database (which we can’t reproduce so far).

Did you rename the indexed parent folder in the Finder?

I’m renaming PDF in devonthink, they’re not indexed and I didn’t rename any indexed folder either.

I use icloud to backup my database, is there any way to restore from icloud backup?

I were renaming last hour, and it happened very suddenly. My database suddenly renamed itself and files suddenly disappear

Please clarify what you mean by this.

As far as I can tell it is happening on the mac - however I have the same databases on iOS as well. As far as I can tell (90% certainty ) It is happening on the mac where it gets renamed first (there are also plenty of files which go missing from the database at the same time) this change of name/file structure then gets synced across to iOS devices. Luckily I have been able to restore the database the time it happened in the past from time machine backup. At the moment I have not done a restore for troubleshooting reasons!

I am using CloudKit to sync and also WebDAV (from my mac where the issue is happening from). I was using Dropbox sync but have deactivated that as there were issues with that sync for me.

Just toying with ideas here: do you use any kind of virus scanner, firewall, memory or disk management tools or automation tools outside of DT? Reports of the behaviour you describe are so few and far between that I’m wondering what the additional external factor might be. Have you tried deactivating sync for a while to see whether the problem still occurs?

I did install ‘clean my mac’ a couple of months ago as part of setapp service but don’t have it set to auto run, I have used it more for diagnostic and having a look at what is going on . I am extremely careful on hitting ‘run’ on any of its functions as I had a bad experience with it many years ago
It has only happened once before (the renaming bug) it might not happen again for a while. Maybe I should try a different sync ,ethos on that particular database?