Database has renamed itself -once again

What is it that makes you think it is sync method?

me, and my question in the post above the one you are referring to :wink: I was just wondering about eliminating possible causes step for step - i.e. if something doesn’t work and I can’t figure it out, I go back to the basics and then add complicating factors back one by one to see if I can locate the cause. Admittedly, in this case the occurrence seems so seldom and random that the step by step approach will need significant time between the steps and may still be unreliable.

I think it is possible that the fault first occurred when I was also renaming documents a couple of months ago. Not sure if this is related at all but mention it as xty233 mentioned this was happening when it happened for them. Certainly in time wise in close proximity to ma renaming some docs within the database itself. The name the database renamed itself to the first time is the same name this time the fault has surfaced (couple of months later )

  • So you were renaming the files inside DEVONthink?
  • Any unusual characters in the names?

No not that I am aware of

I checked the renamed database - a lot of the files are also gone - many folders gone etc !

If you verify the database, are any errors reported? Have you observed (or can you compare using backups) whether the size of the database has changed (i.e. the “new” renamed database is smaller than the correctly named version)? I’m wondering whether the files are actually still in the database, but the database structure has become corrupted.

So - I think it is something in Icloudsync that is creating the issue.
I restored (from Time Machine) the uncorrupted version of the database from a couple of weeks back.
As it had a different (the correct ) name - as opposed to the bogus renamed database it sat alongside the corrupted database.

I then rebuilt the Time Machine restored database using DTP rebuild tool- (just for good measure) and then I deleted the corrupted database from my Mac - emptying the system trash as well. Within a very short period of time the new restore/rebuilt database had renamed itself once again to the bogus name.

I think this happened after an icloudkit sync.
Do I clean the iCloud location now?
please advise!
Thank you

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
Please include a screen capture of what you’re indexing in the Finder and in DEVONthink. Thanks.

I use cloudkit to sync and backup data to icloud. The backup finally saved my database!

Same with you, database renamed itself first, files got missing and synced to my iphone and ipad very quick. I don’t use time machine before so I restore my iphone from yesterday’s backup to get my database back, luckily it worked. I switch to sync via dropbox at this moment since it has file version history.

I think this might because I have indexed a folder in icloud drive yesterday, which I used to sync via dropbox. I didn’t rename any file in that folder, but my database rename itself to one of them.

Everything was fine when my files were in dropbox, so I guess this might caused by icloudkit.

Note: Sync is ​not ​a backup, neither advertised nor advocated as such. We strongly advocate proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar snapshot-style backup applications) and external drives. Also, you should read the series of articles we posted on our blog regarding backups.

Anyone having this issue…

  • Are you indexing files from a cloud-synced location, e.g., iCloud, into the database?
  • Are you renaming files in the indexed folder?
    • If so, are you renaming in the Finder, DEVONthink, or another application, e.g., Obsidian?

I have had this problem when I was using Dropbox sync, but have not yet met it again since I have switched to CloudKit synching.

I had this issue. CloudKit sync. My db was renamed to a random file within it. Never renamed any indexed folders; it just happened. I had to wipe the entire database and re-sync. Took two shots but after the second go it was fixed.

And you weren’t renaming any indexed files either?

We’re you syncing with another Mac or DEVONthink To Go or both?

This database renaming has happened to me as well. Multiple times!
I’ve narrowed it down to one dB in which I’m indexing multiple folders . These folders sync independently of DEVONthink.
The DB renaming invariably happens to be the first folder of the Google Drive that I index.
This has happened with iCloud syncing. I haven’t noticed it with iCloudkit …yet

If you have DB without any indexed folders , then the syncing works flawlessly. Syncing gets messed up when you have a DB with multiple indexed folders which change frequently. If the indexed folders are big ( ~ 50 GB) with multiple files, the default sync option is to “sync the contents of the indexed files” which will just mess up the DTTG .

@hiren, could you please send us email from within DEVONthink To Go by choosing ?⃝ > Contact us? Maybe we find something in the Console.log. Thank you.

Done. Ticket #186867

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